Breastfeeding Journey





You choose to breastfeed your child, you’re a good mom. You choose to formula feed your child, you’re a good mom. You choose to breastfeed and formula feed, you’re a good mom. I wanted to start off by saying that because, as mothers, we are constantly being judged for the decisions we make; and how we feed our children is not off the table. There are always comments that “breast is best.” I like to go by “fed is best.” Not everyone is able to breastfeed or chooses to breast feed and as long as the baby is healthy, what they are being fed is up to you/doctors.

Prior to giving birth, as a family we made the decision to start off breastfeeding. We took a class, I read articles, spoke to my doctors and was fully committed to giving it a try. I tried to keep my mind very open about how our breastfeeding journey would go so I wouldn’t get disappointed if it didn’t work out or didn’t go as planned. You can do all the research you want but nothing prepares you until you’re actually experiencing it for yourself. Getting through those first two weeks were the absolute hardest; each day I gave myself little pep talks to make it through. After that there were a few bumps along the way when Alyson was diagnosed with acid reflux and I was put on a dairy free diet along with a recommendation to pump prior to feedings as I was producing more milk than needed at that point. It wasn’t until around the three month mark that my supply started to take a dip. I tried everything in the book to make it go back up but nothing was working for me. Having to stop breastfeeding well before I planned was really hard for me. There were tears and a lot of mom guilt knowing that I was no longer producing enough to keep her belly happy anymore. During one of those hard moments, my sweet best friend so kindly reminded me that Alyson will learn to crawl, walk, talk and achieve all the goals on formula, just as she would have if I continued to breastfeed. You know what friends, she was absolutely right. Once we made the switch, I instantly saw a different baby. She is just all around happier, more playful and she is achieving everything a busy, almost seven-month old should do. Are there days that I still wish I was breastfeeding? Yes, I do. Do I feel at peace with the fact that she is being formula fed?  Yes, I do. Even though making the transition was hard for me to do, I know that we both are better because of it. If you are still breastfeeding your child, at any age, you are a rock star. My advice to those moms who are in a similar situation to the one I was in, you are a rock star too and no matter how long your journey might have lasted, you should be proud of yourself!

Congratulations to Sami Haederer & Rachel Hockenberry on being the winners of the give-away! Please email me your address so I can send them out!

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