7 Month Update




I am fully convinced that once you enter parenthood, time just moves at a completely different pace than the rest of the world. How miss Alyson is 7 months old today is beyond me! Here is a fun little update on what she is up to these days.

She loves to eat, and she will eat anything. She is always after what anyone around her is eating and if we do share, well you might as well forget it was ever yours to begin with. Her poor teeth have yet to pop through but I can tell it won’t be much longer.  She can sit on her own and is army crawling everywhere. We are still working on the correct way of crawling but she still finds a way to get into everything with her method right now.

She loves walking when she is holding on to someone’s hands and still loves zooming around in her walker. If you are in her way, that is just too bad, I am amazed I still have all my toes.

She talks and makes noises all day! I think she has reached even a new octave that Mariah Carey can’t reach. Each month I say this has been my favorite but they really have been. This past month her little personality really came out and while she is definitely a go with the flow, down to earth baby, she has some diva in her!

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