8 Month Update





I think every month when I go to post an update, I go through the same thoughts. There is no way my baby is already this old. Alyson is 8 months old today, yes I am in shock too. She hit so many milestones this past month and celebrated so many new things so here we go!

Eating is definitely this girl’s favorite thing to do. She eats her baby food three times a day, as well as her formula. She likes eating puffs, teething biscuit’s and likes to steal some of our food from time to time. She is so close to finally having a tooth and let me tell you this momma can’t wait. I know she has many teeth to go but seeing her in pain just breaks my heart.

She can now go from sitting to crawling and crawling to sitting. She can also pull herself up and will sometimes try to take a few steps while holding onto the furniture. She is crawling the correct way, and boy does she move fast. She still likes walking while she holds onto someone’s fingers and will sometimes be brave and let go with one hand. She gets into everything and I mean everything. I clean her room up each night and by lunch time the next day you would never even know.

She hit a big milestone this past month by learning to say da-da and once she figured it out, that is all we heard! She makes all kinds of sounds and talks all the time! Every morning we wake up to her blowing bubbles and talking away in her crib, just waiting for us to pick her up. Now that she is officially mobile my days are filled chasing after her and trying to keep the bumps and bruises to a minimum. The other day she was going after something she is not allowed to play with and I told her no in a nice but firm way, she stopped looked at me and just laughed. Even though she doesn’t understand what no means just yet, I know that deep down inside, she knew exactly what I was saying, and that I am in for some trouble as she gets older.

This past month we celebrated her dad’s first Father’s Day and his birthday and first Fourth of July! We took her to the downtown area close to us and there were so many people that she did not even care about the fireworks. She definitely likes other people and putting on that cute little charm. One of my favorite moments this past month was getting to feed the giraffes at the zoo with her. Giraffes are my favorite animal and it was just such a fun moment to share with her.

I feel incredibly blessed to have such a good, happy and healthy baby. There are some days that are challenging as a work from home/stay at home mother but I will forever cherish that I get to watch her grow at home with her. She always can tell when I am having a bad day and flashes that pretty little smile of hers, and all the worries go away.


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