How My Placenta Kept Me Sane

Hello! I’m so so stoked to be guest writing today for Tinicia. Seriously girl thanks so much for asking me to do this. I am truly honored.

So this topic might be a little controversial but if it helps even one mom, I’ll be the one to talk about it.

First, a little bit about me. I’m a wife to an amazing husband and a mommy to two amazing little babies. I have an almost two year old and a six week old little newborn.

My heart has never known so much love each time I gave birth, but goodness gracious the postpartum journeys were completely different.

Hazel Grace was my first. We were SO EXCITED for her to be here. It was going to be the sweet little girl we needed so badly after all the little boys we had, she was my parents first grand baby, and who just doesn’t get excited about a newborn! I was so excited to be a mommy. I heard horror stories about postpartum journeys but went on about my business thinking “that could never be me”. When she first arrived I cried, duh. And then I kept crying uncontrollably while I would stare at her, normal right? But then this is when things got scary. Months and months later I was still in this uncontrollable crying phase. I felt SO LONELY. I sometimes resented my role as a mom, and I just felt HORRIBLE. I felt like I would never be “normal” again. I just wanted to be happy and enjoy my newborn. Finally, things leveled out after so much personal development and soul searching but that took until she was a year old.


Well, not long after that, I found out I was pregnant again. I cried and cried because I feared the postpartum journey. I had JUST started to feel normal again. Would I be okay this time or would I go through the depression all over again? These thoughts haunted me my entire pregnancy until a friend mentioned placenta encapsulation. When she said “it’s supposed to help with your emotions afterwards and help with postpartum depression”, I was sold. Like sign me up for whatever makes me feel like a normal human being and be able to enjoy my newborn.


So I did it. 


I encapsulated my placenta and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. My family kept commenting on how calm I was and how I truly was just soaking up my moments with my second born. I can’t tell you how relieved I was that it worked. I haven’t spent my days sobbing when my husband goes to work, I’m able to handle the crying without feeling like I’m going to lose it, and overall I feel like I’ve just been more PRESENT because my emotions are in check. 


I’m not a doctor. I don’t know all the medical research on this. What I do know is that it helped me tremendously this time around.

I just want to add though, mommas, it’s okay to not be okay. Your littles think you hung the moon no matter how out of control you feel. You were equipped for this. You are ENOUGH to fulfill your needs. So today, whether you’re struggling or you’re taking this day by storm, in proud of you. Motherhood isn’t easy but it sure is special.


Logan Weir

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