Diaper Bag Essentials


For the next few years instead of carrying your most glamorous purse, you will be swapping it out for your diaper bag. This bag will become your new best friend. I started out with a Skip Hop diaper bag. I don’t have anything bad to say about the particular bag or that brand but I recently switched to a backpack, and let me tell you how life changing that was.  There are many brands including Skip Hop that also have backpack diaper bags but with the new back to school discounts on cartwheel I purchased this one from Target.

Having a hand’s free bag with an infant is definitely a game changer. With each season your child is in, the necessities in the bag may change, as well with the time of the year. Right now, we are enjoying all the beautiful weather that we can here in Chicago, because soon we will be freezing our tails off.

Below I have included what is in my diaper bag right now, as well as where the item was purchased [you will see where my paychecks go], with a brief description why it is a must have for us. I would love to hear what you find to be an essential in your diaper bag.


Diaper Bag: This was purchased from Target. If you could not already tell, I absolutely love this bag. It is much easier to carry, more space [like Mary Poppins bag, I am not kidding], and the side pockets are easy access for keys and phone. The front pocket is usually filled with snacks for me and Alyson, my wallet and lip gloss.

Wipes: You can purchase baby wipes from almost any store. I typically purchase mine from Target for convenience. I do know that Babies R Us offers a 10% discount off ANY item(s), every Thursday if you have their credit card.

Diapers : You can purchase diapers anywhere as well. For both the wipes and diapers we choose the sensitive brand, as I felt more comfortable to use it with Alyson.  Always, always, always check to make sure you restock your diapers and wipes. Trust me I have been in a few situations where I made the rookie mistake and did not check before we left the house, and we will just leave it at that!

Clothes: I love the bodysuits from Carters. They always run great sales, have good coupons, and clearance. This is another item you want to check often to make sure you are restocking. Alyson had a blow out the one night at bible study, thankfully it also happened to be at our best friend’s house, and even luckier for us she happened to buy her an outfit that day. Lots of rookie first time mom mistakes happening over here!

Shirt for Mom: These “work-out” shirts are some of my favorite. Also purchased from Target. Starting to see a theme here, so does my bank account, my husband and my family! They all keep telling me I need to work there so I get a bigger discount. I have found myself in too many situations where I am covered in spit up or a blow out, where I did not have a change of clothes.


Face Wipes: Everyone around me makes fun of me but I am a freak when it comes to germs around Ally. I know that as a child she will get sick, be covered in germs but I love having a pack of these, as a quick go to so I can wipe her down if random people feel the need to touch your child, because they will.

Small Bag: It may seem silly to have a bag inside of a bag but I put her diapers, wipes and change of clothes in here, as an easy grab when she needs changed. You can even put their messy outfit in there as the bag is lined.

Toys: I have a few different of Alyson’s favorite Toys thrown in the diaper bag. She loves swinging the turtle around to make noises and loves looking at herself in the mirror.

Teething Giraffe:  Sophie has been our best friend lately, we make sure we never leave the house without her. You can purchase the teething toy from just about any baby store or online.

Bottles: We have been using these bottles since she was about a month old. They worked best with her acid reflux.  I like to portion out the formula scoops prior based off what she has been eating lately so it is easier when she does get hungry.

Fan: This fan has been a huge saving grace during these summer months. It’s not a super power fan but it works great to keep her cool when we are at the zoo or out for our daily walks. I found this one at Target but I know you can purchase it from Walmart or Amazon.

Sunscreen: We choose the Neutrogena sunscreen to use as it was the brand we felt comfortable with. You can purchase the sunscreen of your choice from just about any retail store. [ Fun fact: Doctors recommend that babies less then 6 months old should not wear sunscreen or very limited if they do.]

Bug Spray: We choose the Honest Company bug spray as a personal preference again. I will say that this stuff smells amazing for it being bug spray and does a good job.

Sanitizer: I am a “crazy” mother according to my husband, mom and brother. I always make sure I have hand sanitizer in my bag and ready for quick access. I love the little Bath and Body works hand sanitizer and they always have the cutest holders.

Changing Pad: The changing pad I have in my bag currently came from my previous diaper bag but I personally like to have one in my bag to put over the changing stations in stores, in the car or at friends. You never know when your little one will decide to start peeing while your changing them.

Pacifier: After many, many tries we finally found a pacifier that Alyson would take. The soothie brand are her favorite. Alyson is usually pretty well behaved but always good to have it close by just incase.

Pacifier Clip: These awesome clips were a gift from her God- Mother in her Easter basket. Let me tell you how many times these saved her pacifier from having to be thrown out. These are from Amazon but I know they have some at baby stores as well.


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