10 Month Update






I have been trying to sit down and write Alyson’s 10 months update for the past two weeks but since we came home from our trip to PA we have been either super busy or sick. This girl is growing so fast, my momma heart just can’t handle it. I ordered her first birthday party invitations over the weekend and it really hit me that in just about a month and half now, she will be one. If you know me at all you know I am a big planner and had her theme picked out when she was probably a week old but actually putting everything together has made me more emotional than I thought. I will try to save all the mushy and emotional posts till closer to her birthday and be prepared because there will definitely some of those.

I am currently trying to write this while Alyson is climbing all over me , trying to tell you her version I guess, but this is clear picture of what our life has been like lately. She is climbing onto and over everything possible. The poor dog gets treated more like a pony lately and I am not sure he is a fan, but he is super good about it. She is starting to stand on her own for longer periods of time and I know it will not be long until she just takes off walking.

I know as soon as I type these words out I will probably regret it but I am happy to say that Ally is not a picky eater. She has been doing great with eating all the solid foods I have given her. Some of her favorite is avocado, eggs, chicken and bananas. The hardest part with her when it comes to food is when we eat something that she can’t have, she is not a fan of that and she lets us know.

Each month that passes I see more and more of her personality come out and the older she gets the more sassy she becomes, so we keep joking that one maybe good [ but are we joking lol ].  She went through this phase for a few months of hating to get in the car seat [ once she was in she was fine] but actually getting her in the car seat/stroller was a heart- breaking task. We recently installed her big girl car seat and she seems to like getting in that a lot better.

She had a busy month this past month with a two- week trip to visit family back in Pennsylvania that also included her first trip to the beach. I was very impressed for how well she did with the entire trip & how well she liked the sand.

We are so happy that it is starting to actually feel like fall, that we celebrate with a trip to the park. She always loves getting to see and play with other kids, so we are enjoying that while we can. We have lots of fun fall events planned that I can’t wait to experience with her. These next few months of the year are my favorite and now getting to share it with my mini , just makes it that much better.

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