Mom Life Is The Best Life


[ I had to share a few pictures of Alyson, because she’s just too cute, and look at that foot prop.]


Hello everyone, I am still alive over here. When we took our trip to visit our family, I took a little break to focus on our family, that happened to last longer then I was expecting. Once we came back, we all were sick and then better and then I got sick again, which was also at the same time my husband was out of town traveling for work. All of that to say it has been awhile and I have missed my little page. I have made a few new spruces as I like to call them to the site and have some fun posts planned for the next few months.

When I was throwing around the idea of even creating a blog , I thought a lot about it and prayed in which direction I should go. I don’t typically share unless you pry it out of me and did not want to be one of those people promoting yet another thing on social media. While I have been on this little break, I honestly debated just leaving well enough alone. I don’t have a huge following, I don’t make money and thought would anyone really notice. I did not create this space to make money, I created this space for me to be able to share my journey and have a place for Alyson to look back on as she grows up [ because I may have been slacking on the baby book,oops]. So many of my friends have encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing , simply because I enjoy doing it. We can put some much pressure on ourselves and create ideas in our head and we stop ourselves from moving forward. I have never felt more inspired and exciting on the different posts I have planned to share. This time of the year is my favorite and now that I get to share it with my mini me, it makes it even better. I am counting this year as her “first” Thanksgiving and “first” Christmas, because last year she was so tiny , that she didn’t get to truly celebrate, and it gives me an excuse to go a little crazy.

There is a blogger that I follow on social media and she has started sharing different thoughts under #impressingisexhausting [ on Instagram, go check it out and her blog], and it really hit my heart. I love social media and getting to catch up or “watch” what my friends and their families are doing , epically when you live a hundred or thousand miles away but it creates a false image. It makes us think that everyone has it together all the time, their house is clean and they cooked the most delicious dinner straight from their garden every night [ and if you do that, please teach me your ways] but I think the truth is that we all have superhero days, good days and bad days. There are days where I feel like a literal rock star because I got so much accomplished and then the very next day, its like a cirrus in our house. I absolutely love being a mother and would not change a second of any day for anything different but it can also be messy, frustrating and exhausting. I made a promise to myself and my daughter that I would share what real life is all about because well impressing is exhausting.

At the end of the day, I may never make a single cent from this little space but if it encourages one mom to help her through a tough decision or make her feel better, gives her an idea on a fun craft to make with her little one or just allows our friends and family from far to catch up on what we have been doing, then I would be more then proud of myself. I encourage you to take a leap of faith and start something you have been putting on the backburner, because you were a little too scared of what others might think. The people that support you, are the ones who are truly meant to be a part of your journey.

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