Alyson’s Birth Story


[ The many ultrasounds I had during pregnancy]


[ My first picture with my sweet baby girl, I might have looked like a hot mess right after labor, but I will cherish it forever.]


[ Alyson’s going home outfit]

I have been wanting to write down Alyson’s birth story well, since she was born. Somehow you give birth to a baby, blink your eyes and they are all grown up. Everyone told me that time goes by so fast once you have a baby and I just laughed it off until I found out how true that really was. This past year has been filled with so many firsts and I am forever grateful for each one of them. Motherhood is not always easy or glamorous but it is beyond worth it and each frustrating, tiring or feeling defeated moment you may have, there are a million more good , happy and good ugly cry moments to make up for that.

Since I had gestational diabetes my team of doctors, ( as most), would not allow me to go past 40 weeks, as it can increase complications.  Since I am a major planner this helped ease my mind, knowing at least I had a finish line date in sight, but it also meant the possibility of being induced, which I was a little hesitant on. If I could give only one piece of advice to any mom to be , it would be to block out everyone else’s birth story. Each delivery, pregnancy, etc. is so different from person to person and it made me way more nervous then I should have been /wanted to be.

Fast forward to my 39 week doctor appointment [ on a Thursday 11/10/16]; I had started dilating and making progress at around 35 weeks, so I was really not expecting to even be at this appointment [ typical first time mom]. I was at 3cm and 80% effaced at my 39 week appointment , but in reality that doesn’t mean anything. I could have stayed that way for weeks. We scheduled my induction for Monday the 14th, in hopes that I could still go into labor on my own. I tried just about anything that weekend, walked what seemed like a million miles and nothing was making her want to make her appearance. I think I repacked and packed our hospital bags at least five times that weekend. Since it was our last weekend officially before we became parents, me and Ryan had our last date night [ Red Lobster of course. my big craving was popcorn shrimp]. The biggest surprise to me was how I felt the night before. We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 6am, and I am confident that we did not sleep at all the night before. I was so nervous and had just wished that my mom was not miles and miles away. Even at 25, I still needed my mommy.

I set my alarm for 5am but I was awake anyway. I called the hospital to check in and make sure they were ready for our arrival, ate breakfast, rechecked our bags and hopped in the car. It was such an unreal moment, walking into the hospital knowing that we would be leaving with our baby girl. They got me all checked in and started the induction by 6:30am. Since I was already progressing my doctor on call and nurse seemed to think things would go smoothly and at a good pace.

Let’s just say me and Ryan had a rather unrealistic idea of exactly how long this would take. We both figured since I was already so far along we would be “relaxing” with our baby by lunch time, but boy were we mistaken. I was asked about ten times if I wanted an epidural but my goal was to make it to as far as I could without getting one. My doctor came in at around 8:30 that morning and broke my water [ he told me we were having that baby that day and he was not messing around] , he also warned me that once he broke my water I would start to feel my contractions more . Even though they were rather steady before , I was not in too much pain.

About an hour after he broke my water, I definitely could feel my contractions more and more, since I knew I could potentially have to wait another hour before getting the epidural, I said give me the drugs. Thankfully since it was pretty early in the day, I did not have to wait long and this momma was very happy about that.  I think I was more scared of actually getting the epidural then giving birth [ not a fan of needles], but it was not bad at all. Once the epidural kicked in , I was on cloud nine. It was by far the weirdest feeling ever but I was content and could just relax until it was go time.  We had been watching HGTV all day [she was literally born to that TV show, so we joke all the time she is going to be a designer or realtor].

Things kept moving at a good pace and around 3/3:30 I was fully dilated to a 10 but little miss princess was not at the best position to deliver [ she was face up and can make it more difficult]. So the nurse had me switch from laying on one side to the other to help her turn. Thankfully it worked and around 4:30 , the doctor gave permission to start pushing. I will say it was by far the hardest work out of my entire life. When my doctor said it was time to push, he also let me know that it may be 30 mins or it could be hours [ my first thought was I’m sorry what, hours?!?!]. My nurse was absolutely amazing and helped so much, the first few times pushing were weird until I got into a good rhythm. After a few push’s the doctor could see her head so he said you will be one of those people who don’t have to push long; thank you doctor!

This also happened to occur during the doctor shift changes, oh lucky me. The doctor that delivered Alyson walked in our room at 5:00 and started getting ready and at 5:19pm on 11/14/16 our beautiful baby girl was born. I will never forget that moment of holding her in my arms for the first time and seeing her sweet face and little hands and toes. I remember looking up at Ryan with tears in my eyes saying look how pretty she is and seeing tears in his eyes. You dream about this day your entire pregnancy and it just did not seem real.

Altogether my labor was about 12 hours and was to me the best labor I could have asked for. There were a lot of fears and worries in my mind from what had happened to people I know and from what a doctor said to me but I knew I had God watching over us all and that kept me calm.

Ryan’s family had been in town waiting for her arrival so they came to the hospital to see her after she was born, as well as my best friend. I stayed up way to late that night  just staring at her. I could not believe that I had just given birth to this amazing little baby. She was so teeny tiny born at 7 pounds even and  20 ½ inches.  She is the most beautiful, sassy and sweet girl, that I am so incredibly lucky that God trusts me to be her mother.

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