Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Friends! After Alyson’s first birthday, it seems it has been non- stop go since then.  We have made two week long trips to visit our family during the holidays in Pennsylvania and traveling with a one year old , in a car for ten hours, it just sucks the life out of you.

This past year has been filled with so many special memories, that I wish I could just hit the pause button one time. While I have absolutely loved this transition into motherhood, it has not come without its struggles.  A little back story, my husband and I previously lived in Florida and two years ago he was given a promotion opportunity with his company, and it relocated us to Illinois [ talk about weather change]. The company I was working for in Florida, was kind enough, and valued me enough,to make it possible for me to stay on as an employee and just work remotely. It was a relief for me ,to not be moving thousands of miles and be jobless. Fast forward to the birth of our daughter and the return to work after maternity leave. Working from home was a huge blessing for our family and I cherished it so much that I did not have to leave my daughter. At first it was not difficult to balance both working from home and being a stay at home mom, but after a few months went by, and as Alyson was starting to get into the mobile stage, I became overwhelmed and worn out. I felt guilty when my daughter would push the table with the laptop in front of me away, and wanted my attention. After much thought and prayer, me and my husband decided, I could put my notice into my boss.

Since the company I worked for was so kind to let me work from home, which allowed me to experience all of those first moments with my daughter, I gave them two months notice and officially worked my last day at the end of December. I am starting off this year with one job, which is the best job in my book, a stay at home mom.  I am extremely grateful that I have such an understanding husband and this opportunity, that I wish every mom had the chance to experience.

Woah well, after that long story, I will try to get to the point. I am not one to write a list of resolutions or goals for the next year. I try to choose a word or a few words that I want to focus on through the year, as compared to a big list.

My words for 2018 that I have chosen are grow, simplify, and slow down. I want to grow my relationships with my husband, daughter, God, friends and family to be even better than they already are.  I am reading a book all about simplifying your life, so that you are only doing and growing in the areas that fills your cup. Most of the time, and especially as parents, we put ourselves last and our tanks are always running on E. I want every aspect of my life to be decluttered and simplified so my tank is fully running, so I can be the best wife and mother I can be. Slowing down, with a one year old, makes for a good joke right?! I spent this last year balancing my time between trying to work and be a mom, and now that I can focus on just being a mom, I want to slow down and enjoy these moments with my daughter, friends & family. I know before too long, she is going to be going off to preschool and then kindergarten and I am going to be wondering where in the heck time went.

I am excited to see what God has in store for our little family this year. Do you set new year resolutions or do you choose words to focus on? If so , I would love to hear yours! Sharing some of my favorite moments of 2017 below, it has been a year to remember.

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