Friday Frenzy

Happy Friday Friends! I am excited to bring to you a new ongoing series called Friday Frenzy.  The Friday Frenzy’s will be dedicated to highlight five top moments/purchases from the past month/months. So let’s dive in!
1. I am going to have to say my top moment this past month was getting to have a night out with my husband. Our nights out without Alyson are few and far between and it was super nice to get to spend time just the two of us. It also happened to be at the Florida Georgia Line stadium tour concert. We saw Florida Georgia Line in Florida when they toured with Jason Aldean and they were awesome. When I heard that they were touring and bringing Nelly and the Backstreet Boys I kept giving nice little hints to Ryan, that we should go. Lucky for me , he caught on.


2. Most days I am lucky to wear something other than pajamas or work -out clothes [ that rarely see a work out]. I am sure you have seen people selling LipSense on Facebook or Instagram and probably thought it’s just another one of those annoying products, scams etc. You may still think that but let me tell you, this stuff is amazing. They have other products besides lipstick but I have only tried the lipstick so far. When I do wear make-up, I love getting to wear lipstick but I would always worry about it smudging, wearing off and now with Alyson I don’t want to leave lip prints all over her face. I have a few different colors now and Dark Pink has to be my favorite. It gives just enough color to pull together any outfit! [ I am wearing it in the picture above ]


3. I am a sucker for trying any new beauty products. I have always struggled with acne though my teenage years and even at the very beginning of my 20’s [ woah I am half way through my 20’s , cue breakdown now]. The older I get, the more aware I have become of the products I use on my skin. I have not always taken the best care of my skin and I am trying my best to make up for that before it is too late. I spend way too much time and money [ my husband would agree] at Ulta. The other week I saw this cute little pack of different face masks. Each mini mask also comes in a larger version but I grabbed the box with a sample of all five to give them each a try, and find out which was my favorite. So far I have tried three of them and the pure to the pore is my favorite. I will say the berry bubbly mask was the weirdest feeling mask I have ever tried. It actually makes bubbles on your skin as you apply the mask and they just start popping. It is hard to even describe but let’s just say I will not be purchasing the larger version of that one.


4. Getting to work from home has been a huge blessing on our family. After I had Alyson , I could not imagine having to leave her. I wish all mommas got to stay at home with their littles. Maybe I was just a little naive on how easy working from home with an infant soon to be toddler would be. Somedays are just plain down rough, she has been going through a rough sleeping phase and it has also been throwing off her nap schedule. When the baby is not happy, well let’s just say it’s hard to get anything accomplished. The other day after a rough morning, I decided to say screw it, let’s just get out of the house, so I packed up her diaper bag, got us both ready and we headed out to lunch and the park. We were only gone a little over an hour but boy what a difference it made for both of our moods. While I am so thankful I get to be at home with Alyson all day, she does not get my full attention as I am also balancing working, and boy do I feel guilty of that sometimes. It was so nice to get to just enjoy being her momma and give her hugs and kisses without trying to send emails or answer phone calls in between. These days are going by so fast and I just want to make the most of them.


5.I did a post a few weeks back about Faith In Motherhood, and how important that is to me. Sometimes life gets chaotic and while I am not proud of the amount of time I have been dedicating to my bible or time with God, I know this “busy” season will pass and soon enough I will be getting to share more about God and doing a bible study with my mini. Motherhood is beautiful and I would not change it for the world but sometimes it can also feel lonely. I was searching for a devotional dedicated to motherhood that was something quick that I could read every day.I found this one on amazon and it has been exactly what I needed. Have you ever been reading through your devotional and one day the message just speaks to you like, God knew exactly when you should start it because of that one day , you would come across the verse that was exactly what you needed to hear. I have had a few of those while reading through this so far, and it is such a wonderful feeling to know that through any season of life I have entered, going through or about to go through, I never have to walk through them alone.


Next week we leave to go “back home” [ no matter where we live, or how long its been Pennsylvania will always be home to us]. I will be taking these next few weeks to just enjoy our time with family and friends, so I will be taking a short break from posting. Hope you all enjoy your weekend and these last few weeks of warmer temps!


Love The Skin You’re In

Image 2



As women, we often pick apart how we look and constantly compare ourselves to the girl next to us. Last week I was scrolling through Instagram [ probably avoiding doing the laundry or dishes, just being honest], and I came across a new mom. She had just given birth to her sweet baby girl less than a month ago ,which also happened to be her third baby, and I would have never guessed that she had just been pregnant. Did I feel a little discouraged that I didn’t look like that right after having Alyson or heck even look like that now almost nine months later, absolutely. I was then reminded that it’s okay that I don’t look like that and it really made me think about how harsh I am on myself sometimes.

As a mom, and a mom to a beautiful girl, I do not want her to grow up thinking that it’s normal to pick apart how your body looks. God created us to be exactly who we are, belly rolls, double chins and all. It took me nine months to grow a healthy baby and it took me almost nine months to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. Even now that I am below my weight I was when I got pregnant, my body is completely different. Clothes fit differently, things have shifted and changed but I would not change it for the world. My goal as a mother is to have my child [ or any future children] grow up understanding that it is important to love the skin you’re in, regardless of what others might look like.

It has taken me many, many years to come to terms with the way my body was built. Somethings will never change no matter what I eat, or how much I work out and that is okay.

We can be so harsh on our bodies by picking apart all of the things that are “wrong” but each day our body allows us to get up in the morning and move, breathe, and enjoy life. I encourage each one of you to give yourself, a friend, or family member a compliment. Our bodies truly are a gift from God that we should treat with respect.

How My Placenta Kept Me Sane

Hello! I’m so so stoked to be guest writing today for Tinicia. Seriously girl thanks so much for asking me to do this. I am truly honored.

So this topic might be a little controversial but if it helps even one mom, I’ll be the one to talk about it.

First, a little bit about me. I’m a wife to an amazing husband and a mommy to two amazing little babies. I have an almost two year old and a six week old little newborn.

My heart has never known so much love each time I gave birth, but goodness gracious the postpartum journeys were completely different.

Hazel Grace was my first. We were SO EXCITED for her to be here. It was going to be the sweet little girl we needed so badly after all the little boys we had, she was my parents first grand baby, and who just doesn’t get excited about a newborn! I was so excited to be a mommy. I heard horror stories about postpartum journeys but went on about my business thinking “that could never be me”. When she first arrived I cried, duh. And then I kept crying uncontrollably while I would stare at her, normal right? But then this is when things got scary. Months and months later I was still in this uncontrollable crying phase. I felt SO LONELY. I sometimes resented my role as a mom, and I just felt HORRIBLE. I felt like I would never be “normal” again. I just wanted to be happy and enjoy my newborn. Finally, things leveled out after so much personal development and soul searching but that took until she was a year old.


Well, not long after that, I found out I was pregnant again. I cried and cried because I feared the postpartum journey. I had JUST started to feel normal again. Would I be okay this time or would I go through the depression all over again? These thoughts haunted me my entire pregnancy until a friend mentioned placenta encapsulation. When she said “it’s supposed to help with your emotions afterwards and help with postpartum depression”, I was sold. Like sign me up for whatever makes me feel like a normal human being and be able to enjoy my newborn.


So I did it. 


I encapsulated my placenta and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. My family kept commenting on how calm I was and how I truly was just soaking up my moments with my second born. I can’t tell you how relieved I was that it worked. I haven’t spent my days sobbing when my husband goes to work, I’m able to handle the crying without feeling like I’m going to lose it, and overall I feel like I’ve just been more PRESENT because my emotions are in check. 


I’m not a doctor. I don’t know all the medical research on this. What I do know is that it helped me tremendously this time around.

I just want to add though, mommas, it’s okay to not be okay. Your littles think you hung the moon no matter how out of control you feel. You were equipped for this. You are ENOUGH to fulfill your needs. So today, whether you’re struggling or you’re taking this day by storm, in proud of you. Motherhood isn’t easy but it sure is special.


Logan Weir

Whole 30

For the last 30 days I have not consumed any grains, legumes, peanuts ,dairy ,alcohol ,sugar, msg, carrageenan, sulfites, or paleo desserts/breads. I completed my first round of Whole 30 and feel pretty darn proud. I will be honest, even though this is not meant to lose weight you typically do and it is what caught my attention. After the first week I quickly realized that how much weight I would end up losing would just be an added bonus.

While I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes and then during my breastfeeding journey I was on a dairy free diet. After I stopped breastfeeding, my eating habits were horrible. I was treating myself to sweet snacks way too often because I went so long without them. I wanted something other than tracking calories or just watching my portions because that was not enough for me. I have ready many reviews on Whole 30 over the last year and so I convinced my best friend and, I am not sure how, my husband to join along. My best friend also did this with 3 kids between the ages of 8-4 so if you have any questions on how to include kids ,I can get you in contact.

I had many non-scale victories such as, more energy, feeling less bloated, less head fog, very few headaches, no random aches and pains, less breakouts and my clothes are fitting me in a different way. I ended up losing a total of 9.5 pounds which I of course was not going to complain about. I became very aware of actually looking at the list of ingredients and became very surprised at how much added stuff is thrown in there. I have never felt better and have no desire to stop eating this way just because my month is up. I am in the reintroduction part of the process now but I have not had the best time , so for the most part I am still being Whole 30 compliant.  This has made me change my eating habits in ways I never thought was possible. I was always eating chocolate or any candy for that matter. It did not matter the time of day, if I was stressed chocolate was there to make me feel “better”. The other morning we went for a long walk down to the river and stopped by a cute gluten-free bakery. It was the 4th of July so there were extra yummy chocolate treats but I passed them up for a banana muffin. If you know me at all, you know this is unheard of, but because of Whole 30 I am making much different choices.

I highly recommend looking into Whole 30 and giving it a try. The only down side is that you will have increased dishes to wash, your grocery bill will be slightly higher ( we did not eat out or go to Starbucks so it does balance out) and for the first few days you may feel a little under the weather.

I am not a nutritionist by any means but I am just sharing what has worked for me. I use the word life changing very rarely, but Whole 30 has done just that. For me feeling good about myself is going to make me a better person overall and able to be a better mother to Alyson.